Chris Fehrnstrom

Chris Fehrnstrom is an executive coach and strategic advisor to business leaders and teams looking to accelerate growth and maximize their potential.

He works closely with C-Suite executives, founders, and other senior level leaders to help them perform at a higher level. Chris utilizes coaching to help executives and leadership teams optimize their performance while also facilitating strategic planning workshops for long term planning.

With over two decades of leadership experience at public and private companies, Fehrnstrom’s background as a President, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer helps differentiate his practice from many in the coaching field who have limited business experience.

Fehrnstrom has actively participated in many board leadership positions, including the Wine Institute and Wine Market Council, where he served as Chairman for both organizations. He also has served on the Board of Ruffino Estates and Board of Advisors for Banfi. He currently serves as an independent director on the Board of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

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