Alexcel is inclusive. We seek to continually build an organization of outstanding coaches and leadership development professionals who are inclusive of all races, ethnicities, sexual identities, and genders. We have established the Door Opening Program to increase the potential pool and pipeline of high-quality consulting and coaching talent to better reflect the broad representation of diversity that exists in our client organizations and in our profession. We believe this program will increase our capacity for growth and learning, broaden our collective network, and build our professional reputation.


  • Recruitment
    Broadent and deepen our efforts to connect wuth and recruit qualified consultants and couches of under represented groups. This will enable us to better reflect the diversity and inclusivity of our client organizations.

  • Partnership
    Identify outstanding coaches/consultans and profesionals of under represented groups for potential partering relationships to increase our resources to deliver high quality and exceptional customer service.
  • Development
    Accelerate the development of emerging and experienced coaches and Consultans from under represented groups to develop and cultivate our membership pipeline and support development of the profession. We do ths through carly engagement and sharing of expertise, advice, and perspective.
  • Professional Growth
    Increase and expand the learning environment of Alexcel through the exchange of ideas through bidirectional, mutual learning, building Our avenues for growth and knowledge sharing.

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