In Her View


The Alexcel Group collaborates on a book

As a result of years of experience in conversations with women leaders, the coaches of The Alexcel Group decided to collaborate on a book. Our intent was to provide a resource for women leaders and the organizations they work for to better understand what obstructs and enhances women leaders in their ability to lead and transform.


Taking the Stage:  Breakthrough Stories from Women Leaders


An inspiring collection of nine stories told from the unique perspective of both coach and female leader. In each story you will learn how the women leaders were able to make successful changes in their skills, behaviors and leadership approach and how it significantly benefited them, their organizations, and the world around them,

In each case through focused reflection and exploration of the coaching relationship, they gain insight, make changes in the way they operate and it has great effect both on them and the world around them

Transformational stories about…

  • “Finding Me: A Leader Finds Her Voice and Signature Presence”
  • “Navigating the Storm”
  • “Leading with Heart”
  • “How to Get Others to Follow You”



Manchester Bidwell Corporation

Profits from the book will support the Manchester Bidwell Corporation that empowers individuals to overcome barriers and supports them in realizing their true potential. Taking the Stage is dedicated to Betty Henderson Wingfield, an exemplary leader and executive coach with the Alexcel Group.

Barbara Mintzer-McMahon is an executive coach and consultant and is the head of "Women in Leadership" for The Alexcel Group.