Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling

Despite the best-laid plans, good intentions, mentoring and diversity training, the glass ceiling continues to be an impenetrable barrier for most women leaders.   That is – until now.   “Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling” is a white paper published by Alexcel member, Nancy Parsons, who is President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc.  This exciting new research unlocks the mystery behind the phenomena that frustrates and blocks droves of aspiring women leaders.

In “Cracking the Code” the research shows that undeniable gender perceptions are extremely damaging.  However, CDR’s break-through findings go into a completely new research horizon regarding the glass ceiling.  Parsons’ team found the crux of the problem is that there are significant inherent personality risk factor differences among men and women leaders.

Armed with this exciting research and new knowledge, the solutions on how to expeditiously break the glass ceiling are, at last, within reach.

Please take the “quiz” below and see if you have a clear understanding of why the glass ceiling exists.  We invite you to access the complimentary the white paper at:  White Paper- Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling by N Parsons


True or False:  This is a key reason why the Glass Ceiling continues to remain in place.

  1. _______ discrimination

  2. _______ the fact that women just aren’t as ambitious or driven

  1. ______  promotional decision makers favor behaviors more typically demonstrated by men leaders

  1. _______ lack of sufficient government regulations

  2. _______ men are better at fighting for visibility & pushing their views

  3. _______ women are judged or evaluated more harshly than men

  4. _______ women don’t support other women very well

  5. _______ there are fewer training and development opportunities for women

  6. _______ men are more confident in leader roles when things are tough

  7. _______ women lack courage

  8. _______ men tend to be less emotional than women

  9. _______ the inability of hiring managers to select the best leadership talent

  10. _______ women are not competitive enough


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Nancy Parsons is co-founder and President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc., a firm that provides assessment tools and services for leadership development and talent management for global clients. In 1998, Nancy co-authored the CDR 3-D Suite measuring leadership character, risk factors and drivers and reward needs. She provides executive coaching, strategic team development, Authentic Leadership and Coaches’ Certification Workshops for clients. Nancy is available for leader presentations, workshops, and webinars on these exciting new findings at