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In Her View

The Alexcel Group collaborates on a book As a result of years of experience in conversations with women leaders, the coaches of The Alexcel Group decided to collaborate on a book. Our intent was to provide a resource for women

Top Teaming: Building and Improving Global Virtual Teams

While the phrase “globalization” is commonplace in business vernacular, the ability to actually work well across geography, culture and time remains a huge challenge for teams who must operate virtually. Global Virtual Teams are a necessity in today’s business environment

What’s the big deal about executive presence and how can you get you some?

Executive Presence is gaining a lot of steam as a key area of development for leaders to get them to the next rung. That’s pretty interesting since most people don’t know even know what the heck it is – it

Three Ways to Use a Leadership Coach

Think for a moment about the best boss you’ve ever had.  Get a specific person in mind.  What did they do that made them your best boss?  Jot your answers down on the left side of a piece of paper

I Used to Hire Executive Coaches and Now I Are One

For many years, as the head of Executive Development for three Fortune 500 corporations, one of my jobs was to hire coaches for our most senior leaders. For the last 8 years, I have been a leadership coach offering my