Author: Nancy Parsons
Nancy Parsons is co-founder and President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc., a firm that provides assessment tools and services for leadership development and talent management for global clients. In 1998, Nancy co-authored the CDR 3-D Suite measuring leadership character, risk factors and drivers and reward needs. She provides executive coaching, strategic team development, Authentic Leadership and Coaches’ Certification Workshops for clients. Nancy is available for leader presentations, workshops, and webinars on these exciting new findings at

Leadership Retreats Help Women Navigate Past Risks for Executive Success

CDR Assessment Group, Inc. and The Alexcel Group have announced a series of Women’s Leadership Retreats to offer a novel solution designed to help women get past the obstacles to success. They personalize development to hone in on what each

Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling

Despite the best-laid plans, good intentions, mentoring and diversity training, the glass ceiling continues to be an impenetrable barrier for most women leaders.   That is – until now.   “Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling” is a white paper published by