Peter Berner

Pilot Workplace Advisors, Inc.

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Peter Berner is an executive coach, author, business owner, and confidante to managers and executives in some of America’s most recognized organizations. He is the President of Pilot Workplace Advisors, Inc., a specialty Human Resources Development firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. His company provides Leadership Development, Career Transition, Organizational Assessment and Talent Management to firms throughout North America.

Peter’s diverse career spans over thirty-five years of leadership in Executive Development, Career Management, Financial Services and the Labor Movement. He has held executive positions with Chase Manhattan Bank, First Interstate Bancorp, US West, and Drake Beam and Morin, Inc. Prior to founding Pilot, Peter was the President of two Human Resource Development companies: Career transition and development firm, Bizet & Company Ltd., and Walter V. Clarke Associates, Inc., a behavioral assessment company.

Peter is the author of numerous works on people and their careers. He is the creator and owner of the CareerMoments™ suite of career advice publications and his weekly career tips are enjoyed by an international audience of workers from the shop floor to the C-suite. Peter contributes his time to community, workforce and economic development endeavors.

Peter’s education includes eight years of preparation for a career in religious ministry. He is a cum laude graduate of Maryknoll College and Maryknoll Seminary where he did his advance studies in philosophy and sociology.

His board activities, as chair or director, include the Association of Career Management firms, Career Partners International, The Center for Workforce Excellence, The HJ Heinz Regional History Center, The River City Brass Band and the Afro American Music Institute. He is a familiar guest on radio and television and a frequent speaker to business and professional organizations.

Peter has been helping leaders find success for the last twenty years through his unique abilities as a coach, confidante and business advisor.

Here are Peter’s own words as he describes his approach and philosophy about coaching and consulting.
“For me coaching is about two things: Optics and Opportunity- helping people see their world through a different lens and helping them to capitalize on what they see.
I am particularly adept at working with senior leaders who need to:

  • Move to the next level in their careers
  • Understand and overcome obstacles inhibiting their success
  • Build significant relational skills
  • Increase their Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Modulate strengths that are overused and have become liabilities
  • Exploit untapped abilities

I am particularly adept at working with senior leaders who:

  • Want to work with someone who has walked in their shoes
  • Value a varied business background and perspective
  • Are willing to be held accountable
  • Can handle the truth
  • Appreciate straight talk and honest feedback
  • Will trust my judgment and follow my direction

I do this in five ways:

  1. I know “FIT”

At senior levels in organizations, people succeed and people fail for exactly the same reason. It’s not competence, education, experience, credentials, tenure or achievement. It’s FIT. I have a real talent for getting people properly aligned with both who they are and what the organization demands of them.

  1. I do not presume to change personality

If one’s personality (and its manifest behavior) is getting in the way of their effectiveness I am very successful in helping them to manage that behavior and to change the perception of the behavior rather than attempting to alter who they are “hard wired” to be.

  1. I do not see weakness

Most of the issues that block effectiveness are, in fact, towering strengths that are carried to excess and become personal liabilities. I am particularly skilled at helping people identify and “dial back” strengths that have run amuck.

  1. I view the world through your eyes

I embrace the world of the person I am coaching from where they exist, not from my point of view. I am attuned to the forces that influence, motivate, scare, delight, challenge, stress and annoy the person I am coaching, creating a partnership for change that works and lasts.

  1. I’ve been there and done that

I have run large organizations. I am not a therapist. The people I coach do not exist in sanitary organizational bubbles. They do not think and speak in psycho-babble. Their world is politically charged, pressure-filled, demanding, sometimes dysfunctional and even hostile. I coach to that reality.”