Carolyn Maue

Carolyn Maue

The Maue Center


A successful communicator, entrepreneur, and leader, Carolyn Maue is an expert in dealing with “people” issues in the workplace, consistently yielding positive change and growth with the executives with whom she consults. Carolyn supports executive and emerging leaders in identifying their strengths and opportunities for development, clarifying goals for growth, and implementing effective, practical solutions for the leadership challenges they face in today’s fast-paced environment.

Carolyn’s real-world corporate leadership experience as a leader and entrepreneur informs her approaches that help clients quickly identify strategies and solutions. Carolyn’s coaching focuses upon clarifying leadership structures, integrating skill-building, and resolving challenging interpersonal dynamics to bring the leaders to a point of positive flow as they move their organizations forward. Carolyn’s mission is to “Change the World One Leader at a Time,” knowing that strong leadership inspires those around them to be the best they can be, resulting in positive change that ripples out from the organization to positively impact those in the organization, their families and their communities.

Carolyn and her company, The Maue Center, have been delivering leadership services since 2004. Results of Carolyn’s leadership coaching often include increased capacity of the leader to implement strategic change, to effectively communicate and collaborate with peers and senior executives, and to engage their team members, effectively utilizing communication and conflict resolution skills. These improvements in leadership often impact key organizational goals, including reduced turnover, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced risk.