2014 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report

Trends in Executive Development 2014For today’s executives, the ability to develop a successful business strategy is no longer enough. In our complex business environment, the most successful organizations will be the ones with leaders who can create a compelling vision—and who can convey that vision to customers and employees. These skills have, for the first time in recent years, surpassed critical thinking in importance, but there is a problem.

This new reality was reflected in the key findings of 2014 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report.”  A wide range of executives and human resource leaders, including presidents, senior vice presidents, chief learning officers, and heads of executive and leadership development, reported that the ability to create a vision— and convey it to others—is now the single most important capability needed in the emerging generation of leaders.

The “2014 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report” is the product of collaboration between Pearson TalentLens and Executive Development Associates Inc. (EDA),  a global leadership consulting firm that specializes in executive assessment, development, and coaching.

You can download the Executive Brief here:  2014 Trends in Executive Development Brief

Bonnie Hagemann is the CEO of Executive Development Associates, a boutique consulting firm specializing in top-of-the-house executive development and the development of high potentials into senior leaders. She is also the author of several research papers, including Trends in Executive Development.

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  1. Simon Vetter says:

    This Trend Study is giving some great guidance for executives how to attract and retain the best and brightest talent:
    In a nutshell:
    Create a compelling vision—and convey that vision to customers and employees so they want to be part of that future picture.