Conversations on Leadership Development

I am very excited to introduce our new website and blog for Alexcel, the Alliance for Leadership Excellence.

Developing leaders is our passion and our mission at the Alexcel Group. We strengthen leaders’ capabilities across the world, from small and large companies to government, non-profits and for-profit organizations.

Our new blog will provide new perspectives, proven insights and practical tools. And most importantly, an opportunity to address issues related to leadership development.

  • Where do you start with a leadership development program?
  • What kind of leaders does your organization need to successfully compete in your industry and market?
  • How do you build leadership bench strength?
  • What does it take to create an inspiring, high-performing culture?
  • How to you measure the impact of management training and executive coaching?
  • How do you prepare executives for global competition or an organizational transformation?


With over 30 leadership development practitioners from around the world,  we confidently address and answer questions related to growing leaders.

We look forward to meeting you here.


To your continued success,


Simon Vetter

Managing Director

The Alliance for Leadership Excellence

Simon Vetter works with executives who want to create positive changes and professionals who want to create a STAND OUT brand.