Answer Key to the Quiz: Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling

This is a key reason why the Glass Ceiling continues to remain in place:

  1. FALSE – discrimination

  2. FALSE –  the fact that women just aren’t as ambitious or driven

  1. TRUE – promotional decision makers favor behaviors more typically demonstrated by men leaders

  1. FALSE – lack of sufficient government regulations

  2. TRUE –  men are better at fighting for visibility & pushing their views

  3. TRUE – women are judged or evaluated more harshly than men

  4. FALSE – women don’t support other women very well

  5. FALSE – there are fewer training and development opportunities for women

  6. TRUE – men are more confident in leader roles when things are tough

  7. TRUE –  women lack courage

  8. FALSE – men tend to be less emotional than women

  9. TRUE – the inability of hiring managers to select the best leadership talent

  10. FALSE –  women are not competitive enough